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21 May

That’s where I’ve been – on vacation.

But Grown Man, I LOVE your blog soooooo much, why didn’t you update it for a week?

First, you’ve got to stop using so many o’s. It makes you look like a 6th grade girl. Second, a man must create margins in his life. We’ve got to have times to disconnect, play, enjoy the world outside of the 9 to 5, and feel freedom. Without these margins we get restless and falsely presume that the life we lead is boring. It’s not boring, you and I just need to get out and explore – it’s in our nature.

I would urge you, nay, beg you, to take at least a day and do something that can only be qualified as fun. Don’t carry your iPhoneBerry, don’t worry about the meeting you’re missing, just have a good time and recharge.

I, having recharged fully, am going to give you a sneak peek at next weeks topics:

-hair product

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