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video games can no longer be your primary hobby.

6 May

Do video games rule? Yes. Is it fun to get together with some buddies and play Shoot Each Other And Yell: IV? OH HELL YES! Is it okay for video games to be one of your primary hobbies? No, sir.

Let’s boil down what a video game is – it’s a TV show. Being super-stoked about gaming is akin to my Aunt Ruth losing her shiz because General Hospital is on – you’re both escaping the real world and dying in front of your “programs”.

Furthermore, when a lady inquires, “Hey, Man I’m Considering for Procreation, what are your hobbies?” Can you imagine saying, “I watch about 6 hours of television a day. The great thing is though, I control an Army man and we destroy zombies on the planet Dorkizar. I’ve won competitions – so that’s pretty cool.” [exit, girl]

Games are meant to be an amusing little addition to a full, rich life – not the main focus of one. Here are some alternate, acceptable hobbies in case you decide to kick the video game habit:


Take care, grown men.

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