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give a crap about Memorial Day.

31 May

I’m not going to begin a rant about how America rules, how we need to support the war effort, that some gave all , or how these colors don’t run. But I will say, Memorial Day is important and worth at least five minutes of your Monday.

Memorial Day is about remembering people in the military who died as well as living veterans and those serving presently.

What?! I thought Memorial Day was about me remembering how much I love gluttony and sloth. Oh snap, I love me some cheeseburgers!

My point exactly. Memorial Day has become one of the great forgotten holidays. We love this day because we don’t love our jobs and even more, we love doing nothing – not a damn thing – sitting on our butts all day with a beer I.V. and a blank slate of a mind. Ah yes, this is the good life.

Now please, don’t feel bad about the kielbasa & chicken wing double doozie that you just started working on. The very point of today is giving you, the draft-dodger who lied to the high school Army recruiter and told him you were already accepted to Harvard Law just so he would stop calling you, a reason to celebrate.

Because today, we don’t have to look over our shoulders while we flip the burgers. Today, we don’t have to be afraid of death when we go on our DUI-ish beer run (well, you kinda do, but you know what I mean). Today, we enjoy the sweet taste of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and we can do that because somebody, thousands of somebody’s are willing to take a bullet for you.

Have a great day today. Men need time off – it’s restorative. Just take a moment to call your grandfather and thank him for not putting up with injustice and getting in harms way. Write a quick thank you note to someone you know who’s in the desert or protecting this countries interests. At minimum, give a moment of thought to how nice it is to be totally, completely, free.

One quick note. I’m not saying that I agree with the war(s) in the present or past. However, when someone has a job that is hard enough that it warrants the federal government shutting down for a day – it’s probably worth remembering.

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