You’re a Grown Man…
1- buy a suit.
2- stop ice skating.
3- open her door.
4- don’t call radio shows.
5- pick a team.
6- quit wearing girl jeans.
7- know the news.
8- quit using a dumb email address.
9- go through a Johnny Cash phase.
10- go to Church.
11- quit going to the beach alone.
12- learn a proper handshake.
13- ask a girl out.
14- dress less stupid for weddings & funerals.
14- don’t drag your lady friend around.
15- get the bill.
16- be willing to fight.
17- make eye contact.
18- quit wearing those v-neck shirts.
19- offer a lady your coat.
20- quit showing friends your favorite YouTube videos.
21- quit going shirtless.
22- quit playing the celebrity crush game.
23- stand up when a lady enters the room.
24- video games can no longer be your primary hobby.
25- vacate.
26- quit fumbling over introductions.
27- you’ve got to read books.
28- quit using “gay” as slang.
29- quit going to weddings empty-handed.
30- give a crap about Memorial day.
31- you shouldn’t have friends with benefits.
32- it’s okay to hug/be hugged by other grown men.
33- get over your fear of feminine hygiene.
34- go to a barbershop, not a salon.
35- be prepared for, “do I look fat in this dress?”.
36- know the 7 t-shirt rules.
37- learn how to take a compliment.
38- never, ever, be rude to customer service people.
39- care about the environment.
39- carry a pocket knife.
40- start calling people ma’am or sir.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. I
41- write thank you notes.
42-celebrate Father’s Day.
43- give up your seat.

44- be a friend to your heartbroken comrades.
45- get up early.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. II
46- get your facial hair under control.
47- quit dining with danger.
48- go outside.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. III
49- it’s okay to cry.
50- know your drink order.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. IV
51- ask for her hand in marriage.
52- give a proper toast.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. V
53- get serious about your scent.
54- quit freaking out about babies.
55- know how to cook.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. VI
56- finish your letters like an adult.
57- be a good wedding guest.
58- be a good groomsmen.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. VII (Wedding Edition)
59- be a good best man (part 1).
60- be a good best man (part 2).
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. VIII
61- wear a watch.
62- practice proper grammar.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. IX
63- quit your job with class.
64- say her name first.
65- the size of your truck doesn’t matter.
66- carry cash.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. X
67- quit screwing around on your phone.
68- have a hobby.
69- break up with class.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XI
70- listen to music.
71- mind your social networking.
72- get out of debt (part 1).
73- get out of debt (part 2).
74- slow down.
75- quit going to semi-strip clubs.
76- mean what you say.
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XII
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XIII
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XIV
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XV
Ask a Grown Man: Vol. XVI

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