offer a lady your coat.

20 Apr

The secretary at my place of employment is always cold. To me, it’s perfect in the office, if not a shade warm. However, while I’ve got my midday arm pit sweat going, she’s shivering and turning blue. Why is this happening? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation other than the fact she’s 110 pounds lighter than me. Whatever the reason, the secretary now has my North Face fleece permanently draped around her office chair and uses it almost constantly.

Gentlemen, when you’re with a lady and you see a slight shiver, hear a chatter of teeth, or hold her hand and wince in cryogenic pain – take off your jacket and insist that she wear it.

“But Grown Man, if she has my jacket, I’ll be cold!”

Oh my god, I want to punch you. Be cold. Your layer of Doritos fat could keep you alive for 3 days.

If this is your special lady-friend, giving her a coat can be a romantic gesture. If it’s the [insert title of non romantic woman], don’t be suave, just let her know that it’s hanging on the coat rack should she choose to grab it. Giving a woman your coat is one of the finer points of etiquette that is being lost in our generation. Let’s bring it back and let the women of our lives know that their warmth is important to us.

As a side note, this is why you don’t wear stupid jackets. You never know what self-respecting woman is going to be embarrassed in your “FBI: Federal Boob Inspector” hoodie.

One Response to “offer a lady your coat.”

  1. embejo 2 June 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    I am female. I really like your blog.

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