don’t call radio shows.

28 Mar

While driving home tonight, I heard a man call in to the Delilah show.

[record scratch]

Hold on, here’s why I was listening to Delilah. It’s the number one place, in the entire world, to laugh at crazy people. Seriously, I defy you to make it 5 minutes without yelling at your radio.

Back to the story.

This man called in, was crying about his lady friend of six months who had left him, and requested that Delilah play him “something to make [him] feel better”.

It is never okay to call in a radio show. You may call in if your going to win something awesome (concert tickets, BBQ grill, vacation, etc.). But if you’re calling to rant about the man or get some on-air love therapy, you must stop. Find someone who genuinely cares about your opinions to listen – not some faceless stranger who identifies you as “Crying in Cleveland”.

2 Responses to “don’t call radio shows.”

  1. Eric R. 29 June 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    What about NPR? I can use my own name and contribute to a reasonable, civil conversation, all while being the only truly conservative voice that anybody will hear in two whole hours of Diane Rehm or Talk of the Nation. I make my point, others hear it, experts speak to my concerns, and the show goes on without a hitch.


  1. Ask a Grown Man: Vol. VI « you're a grown man - 22 July 2010

    […] back my friends to the show that never ends!“ In one of your posts, you said that grown men should not call radio shows.  Does this stand on posting comments to blogs like yours? -Brian […]

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